Competency. Respectability. Trust.

ITHelps’ diverse and in-depth experience to the success of your organization. Our consultants and developers focus on the root cause of problems delivering comprehensive solutions with the highest possible fine-tuning options. These options in the hands of users, enable the minimization of coding due to future process changes. Our solutions are tailored to requirements and are proven not only to be long-lasting, but also growing with your business.

Project management


Investing in IT infrastructure defines the operating environment of the companies in the long run. Proof of similar cases show that this is by no means a cheap investment.  The return on investment can be measured only by indirect methods. In a more complex landscape, there are many applications and IT suppliers.  This is a challenging task to establish and later maintain their co-operation given a realistic budget. We can help you in this matter. Our project management service specialists lead and supervise the implementation of projects, providing classical project management services. We believe in open and honest communication, consistently keeping project sponsors up to date without hiding problems/issues  of the progress.

SAP consulting


We participated in the successful introduction of SAP to the Hungarian market, as well as widespread implementation. In addition to the success of the classic ERP implementations, the financial sector opened to SAP, and we were lucky to be right there at the start. Today, financial institutions using SAP as a core system, use the solutions and methodologies we  invented at the opening of the sector. As SAP Banking experts we have extensive experience in managing core banking and classical ERP processes.




The quality control of delivered software applications can not be ignored. We focus on functionality, performance and software ergonomics as well. Test managers and testers can be hired as part of our testing services. We also assist in the preparation of test variants while executing the test processes.




Whether it is preparation for system changes, a feasibility study, implementation plan or a post-production system documentation, our experts deliver in a comprehensive manner including but not limited to illustrated drawings, screenshots or videos (if required). Let us prepare your missing documentation for you.